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Full Version: Detailed Documentation for PULPissimo
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Hi All, 

First of all thanks for sharing the PULPissimo source codes, however I have been looking for a somehow detailed documentation for PULPissimo but I couldn't found. 

Can anyone please point me to such a documentation if any ? 

Can you be a bit more specific. There is

As well as some information on the github page

What information are you missing?

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have gone through those already, what I meant by detailed is something similar to " hwpe_stream" document but for the PULPissimo architecture.

I am trying to integrate a third party module that uses AXI as data interface and APB for register configuration. Any documentation to understand such interfaces from the pulpissimo side ?

Any advice will be appreciated.

HWPE would directly attach to PULPissimo as well. You can use that as an example. Maybe I am missing something.