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Query regarding PULPissimo Installation. - shilpa_jay - 10-15-2019

I'm Shilpa. As a part of my academic project I'm installing PULPissimo Platform for executing the RTL simulation. I found this platform very interesting and I was very keen to know about it in detail. But, during the installation process I'm facing certain errors which as a starter I'm unable to rectify. So, is there any basic procedures or guidance that can be provided.
Thank you

RE: Query regarding PULPissimo Installation. - kgf - 10-15-2019

The basic information on the

Should actually work. Please note that there is a lot of variation on the Linux platforms, and we have listed the dependencies under:

We are aware that this is not the simplest of all installations, but so far this is the best solution we are able to offer.