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Problems with the bootrom - Jakob - 01-07-2020

Hello, I did some changes to the Ariane core (mainly in the frontend) and tried to boot the provided Linux version again. Unfortunately, the bootrom does not work anymore, such that I don't get the first 'Hello World!' output.

But if I build the bootrom (with the provided makefile) and load the resulting bootrom.elf in gdb, then everything works just fine and in the simulation it also looks quite good. Without the changes to the Ariane core Linux boots as well.

Any idea why this happens? I currently don't have any idea where to begin searching for the problem.

I made significant changes to frontend.sv, instr_queue.sv and instr_scan.sv and minor changes to branch_unit.sv and controller.sv. Neither of these changes should affect the fetching of the first instruction.

Thank you very much!