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Use of -nostdlib in pulp-sdk - stefanct - 04-28-2021

I am working on various things related to GCC, e.g., LTO, GCC plugins etc. on Pulpissimo. To that end I have modified the contents of pulp-gcc-toolchain and pulp-sdk in the past. One thing that caused some problems was the linker option -nostdlib that's inserted by default by pulp-sdk to the generated makefiles. I always expected it to be absolutely necessary and did not scrutinize it further. However, when I simply tried to remove it everything still seems to remain working when running the binary in the FPGA.

So my question is... What's the rationale to use -nostdlib at all? It is included since the very last commit of pulp-sdk.
NB: The sdk also emits -nostartfiles too (which is implied by -nostdlib).