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Docker Container for PULP-based systems - beeblebrox - 02-09-2022

A docker container for the RISC-V GNU compiler toolchain has been contributed to this forum. There exists already a Docker container with all the Snitch tools (source and container). A Docker container lowers the entry hurdle, streamlines development on different host environments and allows for CI of projects using PULP infrastructure.

We could merge the efforts into a single Docker container including (but not limited to):
  • GCC and LLVM toolchains for both PULP and Snitch systems
  • Simulators such as GVSOC (PULP) and banshee (Snitch)
  • Verilated models of PULP systems (such as the Snitch-cluster) for cycle-accurate simulations
Please add suggestions for components that should be added to this unified container.