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Genus Synthesis - ivanhira - 06-19-2022


I'm trying to synthesize PULPissimo using Genus Synthesis Solution. But it is showing a lot of errors and warning about unsynthesizable codes on read_hdl -sv command (e.g., class declaration, @(posedge )), and some errors about attributes which in this case, after reading a bit about, I ignored when they were warnings or deleted when they were errors. 

The code was made to be synthesizable, i guess, right? The problem might be in the old version of Genus that I'm using in the server (version 16.20), but are those examples (class declaration and @(posedge)) supported in the new version of Genus? 
Also, I've defined the macros SYNTHESIS and ASIC_SYNTHESIS just in case when running read_hdl, though that didn't seem to solve any of the error showed. Are there any more macros needed for the synthesis?

I attached the log of the read_hdl command, showing all the warnings and errors. 

Thanks in advance, ivanhira.

RE: Genus Synthesis - bluewww - 06-20-2022

The riscv_tracer.sv is not meant to be synthesized. It's just used in RTL simulations for debugging purposes