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Code examples in Assembly - ivanhira - 04-11-2023


I'm trying to edit the address access on some parts of the code cause I may have to avoid using some CUTS of the L2 ram, and I cannot change the RTL as the design was already sent for tape-out. 
I'm not familiar with Assembly, but is it possible to get the code in Assembly and change the variables addresses to use only specific banks of the RAM? So far, I got the code from the command "make dis" but I think the code is formatted for debugging purposes, is there any command to get a working assembly code from the .c file?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Code examples in Assembly - kgf - 04-12-2023


It is the linker (ld) in a compilation process that does what you want automatically. Unfortunately you will have to read a bit about linking and relocation to understand what is needed. Then you will be able to adapt the linker file (link.ld) so that the generated code/data from your C file resides in the physical address space of your design. Most PULP based systems actually have the necessary configuration as part of their include files where you can adjust different types of memory, their size and the physical address.

Hope that helps