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What is slm_conv-0.3 in HERO? - ajgaspar - 09-08-2023

I'm trying to build the HERO project, and I am on the step where I am meant to run " ../test/gen_slm_files.sh <app_name>."
However, I have an issue with line 11 of the file, which isĀ 
When I try running the command, I am told that the directory above does not exist. "~andkurt" is obviously the creator's home directory, but what is slm_conv-0.3 and how can I install it? There's nothing in the github repo mentioning it, and I haven't found it referenced anywhere else on the PULP platform. Even on google I haven't found a relevant result.

RE: What is slm_conv-0.3 in HERO? - kgf - 09-18-2023


The slm converter is under:

Latest version 0.3.2 is compatible with what you need. It is used to convert memory dumps into individual initialization values for the memory macros so that RTL simulations.

We will be looking to clarify/replace that part. Thanks for pointing out