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Pulp FreeRTOs Debug - costola - 10-24-2023

I am running a project with pulp-freertos and all the related tools needed to make it run (sdk and riscv toolchain). I am personalizing the 'blink' demo project already present in the github dir project, but I need to debug it. Now the question is...how can I debug it?
Thanks in advance

RE: Pulp FreeRTOs Debug - kgf - 10-27-2023

I am afraid it is difficult to help if we do not know what it is you want to do

Where exactly are you running this?
- On an emulation platform like GVSoC
- On RTL simulation
- On an actual working PULP system on an FPGA

What exactly is the problem:
- The C Code you write (i.e. replacing main_blinky.c) is not working like you want, does not compile..
- The code is OK, but it will not execute properly as
- The emulation platform is not working
- There are issues with RTL simulation

GVSoC has a number of trace options (see the main repo for some examples) to 'peek into' things.

RE: Pulp FreeRTOs Debug - costola - 11-13-2023

I am running this on GVSoC emulation platform. I am using Visual Studio Code as editor.
The code is OK, I applied some modification to the code of the 'task.c'. Now I want to check if there is some inconsistency by debugging the code when there is a context switch between two tasks. In the personalized 'main_blinky.c' I simply created two threads which run alternatively in an infinite loop ( as I said I want to check that the code inserted in the context switch works properly ). My question is how can I debug (using gdb for example) it by running the code with GVSoC ?
I hope now it is more clear.