how to compile and run an application for Pulpissinio on FPGA
Hi Manuel,

Thank you so much for your help! I reinstalled the SDK that provides the right openocd for riscv. now I can run the hello world on my ZCU102 board!

I still have a few questions regarding the pulp tools:

a) regarding pulp-builder and pulp-sdk:

on the pulpissimo platform github page (, it asks to install the pulp-builder instead of pulp-sdk as software development kit. I actually installed it and used it to build the hello world application running on the pulpissimo RTL simulation platform. However it seems not including the openocd for riscv, and it has a few other differences from the pulp-sdk as well. I am just wondering what are pulp-sdk and pulp-builder for respectively? when should I use pulp-builder and when to use pulp-sdk?

b). Regarding the openocd and the pulp-debug-bridge: is the pulp-debug-bridge required by the openocd? The pulp-debug-bridge was mentioned on the SDK build process web page, and I installed it following the instructions provided on the pulp-debug-bridge web page, but it seems not working for my platform when I tried the plpbridge command, it complained "ImportError: No module named 'bridge'


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