[Pulpissimo]where are the <board_target>.sh ?
(08-20-2020, 03:52 PM)LPLA Wrote:
(12-16-2019, 02:30 AM)bluewww Wrote: Looks like pulp-sdk is out of sync with the actual hardware support. I'll contact our sdk maintainer about this. I don't think the scripts will differe by much.

Any update on this?
I am also trying to run some applications on the Zedboard (I am guessing the pulp-rt-examples can be used?).
There is no board target for the Zedboard when executing: 
Quote:source configs/fpgas/pulpissimo/<board_target>.sh

Should we take the genesys2.sh as it is the only one in fpgas/pulpissimo or are there any pending updates on the board targets?

Edit: I just saw that the simple runtime seems to feature all the board targets while the pulp-sdk does not.
Should it be enough to copy the corresponding board_target.sh file from the simple runtime to the SDK?
At least the sizes of the genesys2.sh files are different which worries me.
Would it even be possible to use the simple runtime when working with FPGAs?
It seems to me that it would not be possible because the command: 
Quote:source sourceme.sh && ./pulp-tools/bin/plpbuild checkout build --p openocd --stdout

would fail when using the simple runtime instead of the SDK.

Edit: It seems like using the genesys2.sh is fine for other boards as long as we override the frequencies and baudrate if neccessary.

Sorry for the late reply. It is as you already discovered, you can just source the genesys2.sh file and override the frequencies. So far, there is no board specific configuration except for the frequency and baud rate that would affect generated binary. I updated the README file on the PULPissimo Github page with a hint to this.

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