regarding GPIO
(01-30-2020, 09:59 AM)kgf Wrote: It does not look like an obvious error message, the warnings at 0ps are normal. Maybe I am missing something.

thanks for your response sir.

my issue is,  the correctly running existing running gpio produces output like this sir:

using MEMLOAD method: PRELOAD
# Using      ri5cy core
# [SPI] Enabling QPI mode
# [adv_dbg_if] AXI4 WRITE         32 burst @1a107008 for           4 bytes.
# Preloading memory
# Preloading instruction memory from slm_files/l2_stim.slm
# Preloading data memory from slm_files/tcdm_bank0.slm
# [TRACER] Output filename is: trace_core_00_0.log
# RX string: Successfully enabled func 2 on PIN_MSPI_CSN1                                            # RX string: Successfully set out dir on PIN_MSPI_CSN2                                              # RX string: Done!!!                                                                               
# [SPI] Received 00000000
# [SPI] Test OK

the highlighted one is i am not getting when I am running my integrated GPIO in pulpino environment. if I get received data  my test will fully be complete.

thanks and regards,

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