How to get in64_t working as well as C++ builds
(06-30-2021, 02:07 PM)kgf Wrote: I think the issue is that PULPissimo uses a 32bit core (RV32). Not very sure why you are using PULPissimo, is the idea to extend the processor from 32b to 36b? if it is only SW,  I am not sure why you are doing this on PULP. Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks for your reply.

No I don't want to change the width of the processor from 32b to 36b. It's just that the algorithm needs 36b and I'm not sure how I can calculate with 36b on a 32b processor. AFAIK on x86 ISA there is an int64_t type available though it's only a 32b processor. Therefore I thought that I could also use int64_t for my values in this case.

In the end the SW should be profiled and some slow components will be placed into their own HW accelerator. But before that I need to get the SW running.

I could use some real 64b processor but my university has some existing HW accelerators for the PULPissimo therefore I would like to use the same platform such that I can easily reuse them.

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