Where is the "get started" documentation?
(12-29-2020, 07:35 AM)DavidL Wrote: Hi, kgf,
About the instruction cache, I have a few questions. It seems there are some repositories in the github(icache_private, cluster_peripherals/icache_ctrl_unit, icahe_mp_128_pf, icache-intc, hier-icache...)
Some of them might be deprecated or not well documented. So if I try to use one of them, which one to choose?
are there any SoC(pulpissimo, pulpino) use one the these implementations? Any more document to read?
These repositories contain code and sub blocks used in our systems. It is true that some of it is experimental and not all are mature. They are not meant to be used directly but the 'proper' versions should be automatically taken by the higher level platforms (i.e. PULPissimo, PULPopen, BigPULP). 

At least in the beginning I would suggest to use them as part of the larger platforms. Later you will realize that the different parameters are actually defined at higher levels. 

Of course most of the code is also directly usable for other projects, but as you point out some of them lack the documentation, therefore it is not always very straightforward to do so
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