RI5CY - FPGA Synthesis

I'm trying to synthesis the RI5CY core for my bachelor thesis.
I do work with Vivado and the Ultra 96 development board.
When importing the rtl files and checking them i do have the following error:
The fpnew_pkg with has to do with the new implementation of the FPU as i suppose is used several times, but
never declared.

Just to give one example:

CRITICAL WARNING: [HDL 9-3136] 'fpnew_pkg' is not declared

Running the synthesis fail even opting out the FPU in the risv_core.sv due to this.

Is there maybe an older build? Or where can the fpnew_pkg be found?

Do i have to declare my own fpnew_pkg?

It seems to me that the fpnew_pkg just contains some variables that the code f.e. in riscv_defines.sv:391 tries set / access.

Hopefully some of you may help me with that [Image: smile.png]

Thanks in advance!

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