Pulpissimo L2 memory access via JTAG
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I was finally able to run hello test in questasim and the memory read/write operations were succesfull there ( also checked  waveforms what happened in the memeory interface)  However , my original problem is not yet solved. I have Pulpissimo in FPGA ( Genesys board actually). I am able to access a few register via jtag, but still not yet L2 memory. I looked the hello test testbenhc in detail and it looks that perhaps some configurations to pulpissimo should be done before being able to access memory via jtag.  there is at least jtag_conf_reg ( address 0x1A104074) which is set to value 0x000030 in tb_pulp.sv.  I tried that but it did not help. Is that correct value and is there some settings to be done? 

regards, skor

Were you able to solve this issue ? I am trying to do the same here.
Hi AhmedZaky,

Could you please elaborate, why and how you try to access the L2 memory externally? I just tried it myself on the Genesys2 board and L2 memory access via GDB (e.g. x/s 0x1c000368)-OpenOCD-JTAG works fine.

Hey Manuel

Thanks for following up. Maybe I didn't ask the right question here. 

I am trying to write data into L2 memory on FPGA from the host machine ( PC )  on the run time ( as the data will be changing from time instance to the other). As far as I understand this can be done using UART or SPI, please correct me if I am wrong. 

I tried to use the UART, it's working when I use the RTL simulation platform. However, UART pointer always returns NULL on FPGA implementation, although I am able to receive the data through UART ( FPGA --> PC ). 

I hope it's clear now. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi AhmenZaky,

It's still unclear to me what you are trying to accomplish. Your intention is to send data to PULPissimo at runtime? If yes, that can certainly be accomplished with the UART interface. However I don't understand what you mean by "UART pointer always returns NULL on FPGA implementation". 


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