[Pulpissimo]where are the <board_target>.sh ?
(12-16-2019, 02:05 PM)germain_haugou Wrote: Hi,
Pulpissimo is supported. There is no specific file for pulpissimo in pulp-rt because it's not a chip so we don't have any specific information in terms of padframe and so on
For the fpga, we are indeed only supporting genesys2 in the script which is in charge of running a test, but you can still launch the test with classic openocd commands as usual. The runtime does not need to know the fpga, it's compiled the same way whatever the fpga.

If  so,can I use the function rt_set_pad_function in my C  code ? I  just want to  run a  gpio_in controlling  gpio_out  C code  in  my FPGA  development board  which  has been configured  by a bitstream file. But the reference manual ( PULP kernel library :  pulp-sdk/doc/dox/doc/runtime/html/index.html) describes the rt_set_pad_function as follows:

  the  enumeration type parameter  rt_pad_e  and  rt_pad_func_e   only be defined in rt_vega.h 、rt_gap*.h and rt_wolfe.h  .

 Here is my  gpio_in controlling  gpio_out   C  code   :  (a slide_switch drives a LED's ON or OFF ) 
  I referred to this Thread  how to manipulating of GPIOs on Pulpissino platform

#include <stdio.h>
#include <rt/rt_api.h>
#include <stdint.h>

#define GPIO11 11      // cam_data0   GPIO 11  LED
#define GPIO13 13      // cam_data2   GPIO 13   Slide Switch
int __rt_fpga_fc_frequency = 10000000;// e.g. 20000000 for 20MHz;
int __rt_fpga_periph_frequency = 5000000;// e.g. 10000000 for 10MHz;
int main()
// GPIO initialization

// Set pad function as gpio
 rt_pad_set_function(GPIO11,1);  // IS THIS RIGHT?
 rt_pad_set_function(GPIO13,1);  // IS THIS RIGHT?

// Configure GPIO as  input or output
while (1)
   if (rt_gpio_get_pin_value(0,GPIO13)==1)

 return 0;

But it doesn't work , the LED  seems  to be out of  the  switch's control.

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