Vsim schematic doesn't work (PULPissimo)
(04-03-2020, 08:31 PM)fconti Wrote: Hi Nordic, the change Manuel suggested is "local" in the rtl_vopt.tcl script, which is not generated. This vopt stage is performed for the whole simulation platform, linking the entire RTL sources. It should work out of the box without regenerating anything (no update-ips or generate-scripts step). Actually I think it's not even necessary to due a full rebuild, if you go to the sim/ directory and execute only this stage with make opt it should work.

Hi fconti, tranks for explainations. Once i read your suggestion i saw the opt target in the /sim makefile which points to rtl_vopt.tcl i previously modified. Maybe I could have noticed that, but I went directly to the solution steps that Meggiman gave me. I will try also this solution if might be necessary, and i will post again if your proposed solution works too. Thanks all for your time and help! Smile

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