How to get to the venue

WOSH will take place in the center campus of ETH Zurich, in the buildings of The Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in Gloriastrasse 35. The following map shows the two buildings ETZ and ETF and the rooms used for the events. ETH uses letters for its floors, so ETF E1, means the building ETF, floor E, room number 1. The events will mainly take place on the E floor of both ETF and ETZ, which are at the same level and connected by a terrace.

Access to ETZ

  • The best way to reach the buildings is by public transport. Take a tram number 10,9 or 6 and get down at the stop ETH / Universitatspital. This is preferable to the tram stop Voltastrasse (Tram 5,6) which was moved further away from the venue due to a construction. Google maps currently do not show this distance correctly.

    Tram stop 9,10 Tram stop 6,9

  • Walk up the Schmelzbergstrasse away from the main building of ETH. This means you have to walk perpendicular to the tram tracks. The entrance to Schmelzbergstrasse looks like this:


  • After 200m you should reach a small planetarium. Once there, turn right into Sternwartstrasse.


  • ETF and ETZ have multiple entrances. As such, you can use any of the following alternatives to reach the venue:

    Alternative 1

  • After about 150 m, before the curve with the tram tracks, you will see an entrance into ETF (below). This is the back entrance to the building:

    ETF entrance

  • Follow the signs that lead to the lecture halls E1. The floors are numbered consecutively. That means that the E floor is two floors above the C floor, through which you entered the building.

    Directions to E1

  • This is the entrance to the lecture hall E1. Do not enter yet - you need to register.

    Entrance to E1

  • In order to register, cross the courtyard at the same level and enter the building ETZ. Alex The Bear will be waiting for you there.

    ETF to ETZ connecting courtyard ETZ E-floor registration

  • Alternative 2

  • Walk past the back entrance of ETF (from Alternative 1) for another 100 meters until you reach the curve with the tram tracks. From there you should be able to identify the main entrance to the ETZ building which hosts the registration.

    Tram curve

  • This is the entrance to ETZ, where the registration takes place. The entrance is regrettably slightly obstructed by the construction site, nonetheless you may use it.

    ETZ Main entrance

  • Walk up the stairs, until you reach the E floor. You should see a yellow postbox there. This is where you enter and register.

    Entrance to E floor ETZ - mailbox

  • After the registration cross through the courtyard outside into the building ETF. Follow the sign to the lecture hall E1.

    Courtyard alternative 2