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Full Version: Status / roadmap of HERO with RV host and VCU128 port
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I am very interested in using the HERO platform for research, especially on its hrv variant and the VCU128 implementation that is mentioned in the Readme file of the Github repository. It says that it is "under development", but the repository has not had any updates in the last months. Is it still being developed? Is there any other place to look at that I may have missed?

Any kind of guidance or help to advance in that direction would also be greatly appreciated, because it does not seem to be an easy task without some prior knowledge of the platform. I have tried to start from an older port on the Genesys 2 but there seem to be some missing parts.

Thank you in advance. BR,

Pedro Lobo.

HERO (to the best of my knowledge) is still active. In the past few months we have been very busy with the Occamy tape-out and related projects which uses a relatively similar structure although it relies on Snitch clusters for computing and not the CV32E40P (RI5CY) cores that have been traditionally used in HERO. This would explain the 'low activity' on this repo. The solutions/additions that HERO relies on (OpenMP offloading, Address translation, AXI busses etc) from RV and ARM cores are actively being developed and improved. We should probably clean up some of the documentation in these repos and also probably see if the newest additions from these projects should necessitate an update of the HERO..

However, the current repo should work fine out of the box. Mapping to individual FPGAs (and Vitis/Vivado versions) is a bit tedious and we would be very happy to get contributions.


Thank you for your reply. It's been a while, sorry O:-)

We are working on the VCU128 port, trying to leverage the work advanced by Florian Zaruba for the VCU118. As an aside, do you know why the Github repository has no "Issues" tab? They'd surely be a valuable source of information and some issues are even mentioned in the Readme, but they seem to have vanished into nothingness.


Pedro Lobo.