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Full Version: Occamy Verilator simulation error
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Dear sir,

I follow this instruction about Occamy: https://github.com/pulp-platform/snitch/...tem/occamy

However, when I ran command: make bin/occamy_top.vlt, I met this error:

%Error-PKGNODECL: occamy/snitch/hw/vendor/openhwgroup_cva6/core/include/ariane_rvfi_pkg.sv:20:17: Package/class 'riscv' not found, and needs to be predeclared (IEEE 1800-2017 26.3)

I recognize that your work-vlt/files lacks included file (it doesn't have snitch/hw/vendor/openhwgroup_cva6/core/include/riscv_pkg.sv so the simulator can not find package 'riscv') but whenever I ran the command above, work-vlt/files is automatically generated and it still remain lacking information.

How can fix that?

Many thanks

thanks for pointing this out. We were able to reproduce the issue and fixed it in https://github.com/pulp-platform/snitch/pull/494. The fix has been merged into the master branch, so feel free to pull and try again.

Hi Nils,

I have pulled new revision. However, I found this error when ran command make bin/occamy_top.vlt

verilator_bin: ../V3Ast.cpp:1144: void AstNode::v3errorEndFatal(std::ostringstream&) const: Assertion `0' failed.
%Error: Verilator aborted. Suggest trying --debug --gdbbt
%Error: Command Failed occamy/install-snitch/verilator-4.100/bin/verilator_bin --Mdir work-vlt/ -f work-vlt/files -Wno-BLKANDNBLK -Wno-LITENDIAN -Wno-CASEINCOMPLETE -Wno-CMPCONST -Wno-WIDTH -Wno-WIDTHCONCAT -Wno-UNSIGNED -Wno-UNOPTFLAT -Wno-fatal --unroll-count 1024 -Wno-SYMRSVDWORD -Wno-BLKLOOPINIT --trace --prof-cfuncs -j 4 --cc --build --top-module testharness

I have installed the correct version of Verilator 4.100 followed this link: https://pulp-platform.github.io/snitch/ug/setup-iis/

How can I fix that? 

Many thanks