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pwd for the image example - Lucas657 - 04-07-2021

I just took my first step in scientific research focused on Xilinx ZC706 Evaluation Boards. Recently I find your PULP website 
https://pulp-platform.org/hero/doc/downloads/images/zc706/ . I appreciate your sharing these files here, but when I downloaded them to SD card and started the development board, I found that you did not publish the system login account and password of this example image files.

So could you please send me the login and password of the image files in the website?Or send a new boot image for zc706? I would be sincerely appreciated if you could help . Smile
Thank you very much!

RE: pwd for the image example - akurth - 04-07-2021


The user name is root and the password is set during boot by this script.