On this page, you can download example images for running HERO on the Xilinx ZC706 Evaluation Kit.


The following files are required to boot HERO on the Xilinx ZC706 Evaluation Kit. They can be generated using the soft- and hardware hardware HOWTOs. The files here are provided as a reference.

  1. BOOT.bin: platform boot image consisting of

  2. uImage: Linux kernel image

  3. devicetree.dtb: device tree blob

  4. uramdisk.image.gz: root filesystem image

  5. bigpulp-z-70xx.hdf: the hardware definition file (required to generate host boot images and device tree)

To boot the platform, copy the files BOOT.bin, uImage, devicetree.dtb and uramdisk.image.gz to the first (boot) partition of the SD card.