We are celebrating 10 years of PULP: check out our dedicated page.

PULP Features

  • efficient implementations of RISC-V cores. These include:
  • complete systems based on:
  • open-source SolderPad license
    • a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license
  • rich set of peripherals
    • I2C, SPI, HyperRAM, GPIO

Do you use PULP?

Does your company or institution use PULP? Please, let us know via email info@pulp-platform.org or send us a direct message on Twitter. We would love to expand our user list.

Meet our mascot

This is our new mascot, Charlie The Bear, the successor of Alex The Bear (until 2019) and Bianca The Bear (until 2023). Just like our previous mascots, Charlie The Bear likes to take pictures with our fans.

  Charlie The Bear

Latest news New

02 October 2023
Save the dates! PULP and ETH Future Computing Laboratory will be organising Summer School on Open-Source IC Design and Computing Architectures. The event will take place 3 - 7 June, 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland. More info coming soon.

04 September 2023
Our HEROccamy team won in the PhD category of the AMD University Program Open Hardware 2023 competition. Check out the competition website and our contribution.

18 August 2023
Occamy, our 432-core, Multi-TFLOPs RISC-V-Based 2.5D Chiplet System for Ultra-Efficient (Mini-)Floating-Point Computation just came back from assembly at Fraunhofer IZM. Read more about Occamy here.

Get PULP now!

  • You can get the source code for PULP-based systems released under a permissible SolderPad open-source license from Github now.
  • If you want to program with PULP you can get the SDK and use the virtual platform.

Development boards

The following companies sell development boards with chips based on our PULP system:
  • GreenWaves sells their GAP8 and GAP9 IoT processors based on PULP.
  • open-isa.org sells their RV32M1-VEGA development board.
  • AI Deck is a collaborative product of GreenWaves, BitCraze and ETH Zurich based on the PULP-shield.


Do you need help with PULP?

We have an Online Forum. Please register and ask your question. Discussions on individual GitHub pages or the following links might be helpful, as well:

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