PULP Features

  • efficient implementations of RISC-V cores. These include:
    • 32 bit 4-stage core RI5CY
    • 32 bit 2-stage Zero-riscy and Micro-riscy
    • 64 bit 6-stage Ariane
  • open-source SolderPad license
    • a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license
  • rich set of peripherals
    • I2C, SPI, HyperRAM, GPIO

Do you use PULP?

Does your company or institution use PULP? Please, let us know via email info@pulp-platform.org or send us a direct message on Twitter. We would love to expand our user list.

Meet our mascot

This is PULP's mascot, Alex, The Bear. He accompanies us to most of the events and he will be very happy to have a picture with you.

Alex The Bear

Get PULP now!

  • You can get the source code for PULP-based systems released under a permissible SolderPad open-source license from Github now.
  • If you want to program with PULP you can get the SDK and use the virtual platform.
  • Finally, Greenwaves sells a development board of their GAP8 chip which is based on our PULP system.


Do you need help with PULP?

Most of the discussions are currently held on individual GitHub pages. We are also preparing an online forum. You may find the following helpful, as well:

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Latest news Updated

HERO, our Open Heterogeneous Research Platform has just been released. Learn more.