The Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 11 to June 14, 2019. The following is a short overview of the schedule. A detailed version of this schedule can be found at the website of The FOSSi Foundation:

June 10
Official holiday in Zurich
June 11
RISC-V workshop
June 12
RISC-V workshop
June 13
RISC-V membership meetings, Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH)
June 14
Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH)


WOSH will take place in the centre Campus of ETH Zurich, in the buildings of The Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in Gloriastrasse 35. Some useful travel information regarding your arrival to Zurich can be found here. You can find instructions on how to get to the venue under this link:

    ETF entrance

    Access to ETZ


The Official RISC-V Workshop has its own registration. The rest of the events will be free of charge. We are looking for sponsors for basic catering. For the WOSH events, we kindly ask you to register with The FOSSi Foundation here.