Tock OS on pulpissimo
I've been looking at porting Tock OS on to the pulp platform and mostly reading through the documentation. I'm fairly new to this whole thing, so I have few questions. According to the TockOS porting guide, I need to define the following in the linker file

Quote: For most developers, it should
 * be sufficient to define {ROM/PROG/RAM}_{ORIGIN/LENGTH} (6 variables, the start and length for each),
 * MPU_MIN_ALIGN (the minimum alignment granularity supported by the MPU) and PAGE_SIZE (the size of a flash page).
 * If undefined, PAGE_SIZE uses the default value of 512 bytes.

Reading through the pulpissimo datasheet, I was unable to find those exact information, so I was wondering, can I use the Data Memory for PROG? and can I use the Boot ROM for ROM? I don't see anything related to MPU mentioned in the datasheet, so is that not supported for pulp platform? 

Are there any other OS that runs on this platform?
I don't know what the exact semantics of each of those regions so I'm not sure I can answer your question regarding that correctly. In general we have a RAM (called L2) that is 512 KiB starting from 0x1c00_0000. Normally, we place .text and .data sections in there. Then there is also a small ROM region containing the boot rom code.

There is no MPU currently implemented. Technically, the current version of PULPissimo supports some parts of the PMP spec, but it will be gone once we upgrade the core to the cv32e40p maintained by openhardware.

FreeRTOS run on PULPissimo

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