how to compile and run an application for Pulpissinio on FPGA
I have generated a Pulpissimo platform bitstream for Xilinx ZCU102 board. Now I am at the stage to compile a "hello world" example to try on the FPGA. I am having two problems here:

1. On the pulpissimo web page, after the instructions on how to create the .c file that includes the baudrate and frequency of the UART and the main() function, it gives instructions on how to compile an application by issuing " make clean all" command, but there is no corresponding Makefile, therefore, I got an error " No targets specified and no makefile found". I did all these in pulp-builder home directory. My questions are: a). is there an existing Makefile that I can borrow to compile my hello.c for RISCV?  b).  If I need to create my own Makefile, do I need to include the boot code? if so where to get the boot code (the same code in sim/boot directory)? It will be nice if there is an example Makefile that I can start with.

2. When I tried to connect to the JTAG interface on the board(JTAG pins are allocated on PMOD) by issuing the openocd command, I got an error saying "embeddedConfusedtartup.tcl:21:Error: Unknown target type riscv". The command I issued: $openocd -f openocd-zcu102-digilent-jtag-hs2.cfg. The screenshot of the error massage and the openocd config file are attached.

Please help!


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