Buid failed

I see online many people that have managed to get this running for PULP on the Altera/Intel edition. The idea of open source is that the community also 'contributes'. Please open an issue on GitHub, and/or if you manage to find a solution please make a pull request so that this issue can be resolved.

At ETH Zurich and University of Bologna, we do not have the time/resources to understand why the compilation process does not go through for tools we do not even access to, so unless someone from the community contributes a solution, or at least explains what they did, we will not be able to solve it.

Note that the Altera/Intel Modelsim edition is NOT the proper questasim, but a limited version that Altera/Intel delivers together with its FPGA boards. They have obtained a license to redistribute it and that apparently comes with some restrictions and level of support. Most probably some statements are not recognized/supported or they exceed some set limits. Both of which could probably easily solved..
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