Set defines of modules
(11-13-2019, 08:51 AM)pschiavo Wrote: Hello,

We usually put our define in these files:

Please, note that we are updating PULPissimo and its IPs during these days and something may be currently not aligned. If you see any issues, please report them to the corresponding GitHub repository in the ISSUE tab.

Thank you. I suspected that those are the correct files but i made a mistake somewhere else which messed up my includes.
I usually don't update the IPs but you are right of course so thanks for reminding me.
The only thing i changed was the HWPE event ID as mentioned here so i have to be careful when updating.

(11-13-2019, 08:51 AM)pschiavo Wrote: For what concerns the FP_ENABLE, which IP are you talking about?
I do not understand which is the MUL module in PULPissimo.

Can you help me?

I should have been clearer about what i mean, my mistake.
The module i was talking about is not part of PULPissimo.

I was talking about a new module, let's say a custom accelerator.
If that module uses a line like:
`ifdef FP_ENABLE
... (additional inputs)
Then how are those defines delivered to that module.
Your solution worked wonderfully. I had to set the defines in one of the files you mentioned.
It didn't work before because i made a mistake somewhere else which kept my defines from reaching the module.

Thanks again for the quick help.

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