[Pulpissimo]where are the <board_target>.sh ?
Hello, in the  Pulpissimo's README.md,it says 
Quote:Supported Boards
At the moment the followin g boards are supported:

  Digilent Genesys2
  Xilinx ZCU104
  Xilinx ZCU102
  Digilent Nexys Video

  In the  section  Compiling Applications for the FPGA Target, it  says  

Quote:To run or debug applications for the FPGA you need to use a recent version of the PULP-SDK (commit id 3256fe7 or newer.'). Configure the SDK for the FPGA platform by running the following commands within the SDK's root directory:

  source configs/pulpissimo.sh
  source configs/fpgas/pulpissimo/<board_target>.sh
 Question:   When I git clone the pulp-sdk.git and changed directory to  pulp-sdk/configs/fpgas/pulpissimo/, I  only found the genesys2.sh. Now I am using Digilent Nexys Video Board, but there is no nexys_video.sh . What should I do?

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