Some questions about the HERO platform

I'm new to using the PULP environment and currently I am trying to familiarize myself with the HERO platform implemented on my ZC706 board and I have a few questions:

• I saw that with OpenMP the workload to execute is sent to the cluster with 8 RISC-V cores.
However, can I choose precisely which cores will be used to run a workload ?
For example, I would like the workload W1 to be executed by cores PE0, PE1 and PE2 and the workload W2 to be executed by cores PE M to PE N-1.

• I suppose it is possible with the ZC706 FPGA board to have 2 clusters of 4 RISC-V cores.
Similar to the previous question, can I choose which cluster will run a workload ?

• I saw in the file "fe/rtl/includes/" on Github that it is possible to define an FPU. But I can't find the file mentioned in the comment on line 45 to add an FPU.
Is it possible to add an FPU in big-pulp?
Is the FPU shared between the cores or is it one FPU per core ?

• Last question, Is it possible to add a HWCE to a cluster ?

Thanks in advance

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