32bit data memory write & read
I am trying to transmit a 32 bit data from memory to UART through Udma. The problem I am facing is udma transmit bus carry only 1byte data. The code I had written to load 32 bit data to memory is:

//loading data to memory
lui x16,0x12345
addi x16,x16,0x678   // 32 bit value- 12345678
lui x14, 0x1c010     // address location 1c01000
sw x16,x14
In the udma_tx_ bus the data found is 78787878 in the address location 1c01000.
I checked the memory banks separately. 78 is copying in all four banks, memory write is not happening at that time.What should I do to transmit the entire 32 bit data to 1c01000 location. I want 12345678 data in 1c01000. Please help me.

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