How to solve the problem of missing modules “pulpissimo”?
(12-08-2020, 09:05 AM)LanXu Wrote: hi,
   I want run openPULP project in zcu104 FPGA.After i ran update_ips script,i make  zcu104 under the path ../workspace/pulp/pulp/fpga.The following error occurred:
  ERROR: [Synth 8-439] module 'pulpissimo' not found [../workspace/pulp/pulp/fpga/pulpissimo-zcu104/rtl/xilinx_pulpissimo.v:99]
   I want to know how to fix this problem,and Is it necessary to build the SDK?  Can the SDK be built on the centos7 system?and how?

Hi LanXu,

You don't need to build the SDK in order to generate the bitstream for PULPissimo. Check again the output of the ./update-ips script. Most likely, there was some error which caused the script to skip the final step, that is auto-generation of the TCL scripts to add all the necessary modules to the vivado project. If in doubt you can also directly call ./generate-scripts which will only generate those TCL scripts without checking out the ips. However, since this script is internally called by "update-ips" you should first make sure there are no problems there.


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