Pulpissimo on PYNQ-Z1 (Zynq-7000) board
(03-17-2021, 10:34 AM)Fatalon Wrote: Hi Dah29,
I am a beginner myself and followed the german documentation provided here: https://www.fh-dortmund.de/de/fb/3/perso...ueller.pdf.
I needed to add entries in the Makefile in /fpga for the pynq-Z1 device, cloned the pulpissimo-zedboard folder and renamed it to pulpissimo-pynq_z1, renamed the openocd scripts inside the new folder to pynq and updated their names in elf_run.sh, adjusted the settings in fpga-settings.mk to :
`export BOARD=PYNQ-Z1
export XILINX_PART=xc7z020clg400-1
export XILINX_BOARD=www.digilentinc.comTongueYNQ-Z1:part0:1.0

(retrieved from the board files of the pynq)
and as a last step you need to reassign the pin ports inside the constraints file /fpga/pulpissimo-pynq_z1/constraints/PYNQ_Z1.xdc. Be careful, the zedboard has more peripherals (leds, buttons,..) then the pynq-board, therefore i set some unused ones to the ChipKit Digital I/O low ports. You will also need to adjust the voltage level to LVCMOS33 for every pin. After this, run make pynq_z1 and I had my binary file (as i am a beginner myself, it would be interesting to hear, if I did something wrong here, but atleast I got a .bin file, which turns the led green on the pynq)

Thank you so much.

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