JTAG and Stimulifile

I am very new to JTAG and have worked with pulpissimo by running test cases mostly via the Linux terminal, which has Questasimulation. 

I wanted to ask that how can I either create or locate an existing stimulifile, and further use it for JTAG programming? Also, which software would be good for JTAG programming?

Usually, when I make and run C-based test cases in the terminal, I am checking whether basic functions are working or not (since we are dealing with a constrained system and also my background is not very strong when it comes to architecture design-based projects). So if I run a test.c file using makefile, when using the command 'make clean all run' does this automatically create a stimulifile for this test.c somewhere in the directory? If yes, how can I locate it?
If not, how can create one for this test.c?


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