Is SYNTHESIS, ASIC_SYNTHESIS Flag needed during Synthesis
(05-06-2021, 04:06 PM)vignajeth Wrote: Hi,
   I notice in a lot of places in the entire pulpisismo code that contains ifndef depending upon the flag SYNTHESIS, I also notice ASIC_SYNTHESIS flag being used inside the Ri5cy.
I also find PULP_TRAINING flag in the code

 Example in


    apb_dummy_registers  #(.APB_ADDR_WIDTH(APB_ADDR_WIDTH)) i_apb_dummy_reg_unit (
        .HCLK       ( clk_i                   ),
        .HRESETn    ( rst_ni                  ),
        .PADDR      ( s_apb_dummy_bus.paddr   ),
        .PWDATA     ( s_apb_dummy_bus.pwdata  ),
        .PWRITE     ( s_apb_dummy_bus.pwrite  ),
        .PSEL       ( s_apb_dummy_bus.psel    ),
        .PENABLE    ( s_apb_dummy_bus.penable ),
        .PRDATA     ( s_apb_dummy_bus.prdata  ),
        .PREADY     ( s_apb_dummy_bus.pready  ),
        .PSLVERR    ( s_apb_dummy_bus.pslverr )


should these flags be passed through the synthesis as a macro ?

Hi @vignajeth,

Indeed, these Macros are supposed o be defined during synthesis. However, at least the SYNTHESIS macro is defined by default in many synthesis tools so most of the time you don't have to manually define it (although it doesn't hurt to do it just to be sure about it). 


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