Sharing data between PULP and HWPE on HERO

My goal is to run an application on PULP which passes data to my PULP accelerator (HWPE) and vice versa (I use the ARM standalone application just as a way of running my PULP application, if this is at all necessary, is it? So I don't want to share data between the ARM and PULP, but between PULP and my HWPE)
When I simulated my accelerator on PULPissimo, my PULP application stored data in the TCDM simply by accessing a known offset (there was no virtualization), and the accelerator could access the same data with the appropriate address. I want to have the same functionality with HERO, so how do I do it? If I use addresses like in PULPissimo, what are the proper addresses? (I was advised to use 0x1b201000, but it didn't work for me) If it's more complicated than just accessing some offset, how do I do it otherwise and what Makefile I use which will work with both the HWPE API and the data sharing API?

In addition, I have another question regarding compiling a PULP application (not accelerator related). I want to use the riscv-blas library in my PULP application. This library includes Fortran code. The riscv-toolchain in the HERO environment doesn't have gfortran, so I tried to build another riscv toolchain with gfortran in order to compile the library. However, when I try to link libgfortran.a (generated with the second toolchain) to the PULP application using the HERO scripts, I get a lot of link errors about std C functions that are missing. So I was wondering, what is the proper way of compiling Fortran in a PULP application? Alternatively, if you're familiar with another solution of using BLAS on PULP, I'd appreciate if you could refer me to it.


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