What do I need to do before a taping out of PULPino?
(04-16-2019, 08:29 AM)kgf Wrote: at the moment there is still no open source environment that would allow you to make an ASIC tape-out. You will need to have these tools installed in your system. This is unfortunately not trivial, and I suggest you talk to the person that is in charge of maintaining the EDA tools in your group/company.

The readme should actually be correct step by step instructions (at least to the best of my knowledge). If something is not working, there usually is an error message, and if we are lucky, it could give us some clues as where to look next. It would not be fair that we keep intentionally wrong information on GitHub.

In addition if you find anything missing or not clear, you can actually issue a pull request (for the README.md) as well.
hello gf,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I think you may have misunderstood what I mean. In my system I have installed the EDA tools (DC, ICC, PT, calibre, etc.) needed for ASIC design. What I want to know is the riscv toolchain, SDK and ISA required for PULPino debugging. Are they integrated in the PULPino system(https://github.com/pulp-platform/pulpino)? Or how can I build these environments step by step? Is there a detailed manual telling me what to do?

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