Pulpissimo make error when making hello example
(11-14-2019, 02:57 AM)bluewww Wrote:
(11-14-2019, 02:36 AM)bunohdwnl Wrote: Hello! I do the flow according to the Pulpissimo's README.md. But I meet a make error when I execute  the flow at the step "Downloading and running tests ".I change directory to  pulp-rt-examples/hello, and execute make clean all run ,then a "No Such File or Directory" error appears. I cat the Makefile,maybe the PULP_SDK_HOME is undefined. Do I need to set the PULP_SDK_HOME in my .bashrc  manually?

[jiaopy@localhost Jproject]$ cd pulp-rt-examples/hello/
[jiaopy@localhost hello]$ make clean all run
Makefile:6: /install/rules/pulp_rt.mk: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/install/rules/pulp_rt.mk'.  Stop.
[jiaopy@localhost hello]$ cat Makefile
PULP_APP = test
include $(PULP_SDK_HOME)/install/rules/pulp_rt.mk

The in the sdk folder there are scripts which you need to source in your bash shell. It sets up the paths to the compiler, makefile fragments, header files etc.

Also dont forget to source the vsim.sh script in the PULPissimo folder. It sets up the path to your questasim binary.
Thank you for your help! In fact, I forgot source the sdk folder.But when I execute the  make clean all run in the pulp-rt-example/hello,I  encountered a new error about  "vsim"。
# vsim -c -quiet vopt_tb -L models_lib -L vip_lib -t ps "+nowarnTRAN" "+nowarnTSCALE" "+nowarnTFMPC" "+TB_PATH=/home/jiaopy/Jproject/pulpissimo/sim" "+UVM_NO_RELNOTES" "+ENTRY_POINT=0x1c008080" -permit_unmatched_virtual_intf "+VSIM_PATH=/home/jiaopy/Jproject/pulpissimo/sim" -gUSE_SDVT_SPI=0 -gUSE_SDVT_CPI=0 -gBAUDRATE=115200 -gENABLE_DEV_DPI=0 -gLOAD_L2=JTAG -gUSE_SDVT_I2S=0
# Start time: 18:25:50 on Nov 18,2019
# ** Error: (vsim-3816) Optimized design "vopt_tb" cannot be used by this version of the simulator - it was only compiled for a 32-bit version of vsim
# Error loading design
 I have installed Questasim10.7c,Should I use its 32-bit version?

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