Yet another Pulpissimo (on Zedboard) bring-up thread
Thanks to a hint from Marek I was able to get it working. The FC ID is hard-coded in include/archi/chips/pulpissimo/properties.h located in the archi git repository (i.e., runtime/archi/include/archi/chips/pulpissimo/properties.h within the sdk repository). When ARCHI_FC_CID there is changed to 0 debugging with the upstream OpenOCD can be used. There are some remaining issues and debugging (interactions between the HW, OpenOCD and GDB) seems more fragile than I would have hoped but main() is reached. I have not verified UART output or any peripherals yet though.

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RE: Yet another Pulpissimo (on Zedboard) bring-up thread - by stefanct - 01-13-2020, 09:38 PM

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