Pulpissimo prepare standalone flash image
I installed the flash VIP model for the S25fs256S and modified the testbench parameter USE_S25FS256S_MODEL = 1;
At first the model wasn't loading because the readme was outdated.
To finish the installation after copying the files into the rtl/vip folder I ran:
./generate-scripts --flash-vip
make clean build

Now I can load the application from QSPI flash in the simulator by using the following command in an example folder:

make conf boot=rom all run CONFIG_OPT=vsim/boot-mode=rom gui=1

My only question that remains is how to create a flash .bin image for use on a real platform, because I would like to test the QSPI booting on an FPGA target.
For simplicity(to avoid the trouble of merging the bitstream and application image) I will configure the FPGA through JTAG, but let Pulpissimo load the application stored in the flash.

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