The status of Ariane ARA vector processor?
How are ARA open source going?

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There are a couple of issues with open sourcing ARA, first of all, the RISC-V Vector standard is still being discussed and not ratified. Once this is done, we will need to go over our design and adapt it accordingly. As far as I know most of it should work without problems, but it will have to be adapted. Another issue is that the ARA is being used with Ariane, so some effort is needed to align it with the current master branch as well.

We actually get a lot of requests, comments and complaints on the code that we think is 'ready', so code that is not yet mature for broader exposure will not really help us, or the community.

In short, we are committed to release ARA as soon as it is ready, but it may still take some time until it is 'good enough' to see the broad public. If you are interested in collaborations and working together we can discuss further privately.

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