Questions regarding Runtime/SDK

big thanks for your reply.

As I would like to use driver support (especially for SPI) I think I need to stick to PulpOS. But I will have a look at it.

I tried a few things out. First of all I updated pulp-builder to the 4a7a69 commit, which then worked fine with the riscy core.

In your pending pull request for pulpissimo the upgraded version of pulp_soc should contain a fix for the Ibex CSR problem. I was able to upgrade and synthesize without a problem but using the ibex core. But programs stuck waiting for a never happening interrupt if I use the same pulp-builder commit.

Do you know if I need to upgrade the runtime/configs as well somehow?

I will investigate it further and will not make an Issue as long the unreleased upgraded version of pulpissimo is merged.
For now I'm going to stick to the riscy core for now and switch later at some point if possible.

Thanks again

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