udma memory to memory data transfer test bench
Currently I am writing a test bench for transferring a 32 bit data from one location to another memory location in RISCV  pulp. I am bit confused how to set the address of DMA transmit bus and the procedure for transferring the data. Can you help me regarding this

code I wrote for transferring data without DMA is

li x15,64
LUI x14, 0x1c000 // Source address selected is 0x1c000001
sw x15, 001(x14)
LUI x13, 0x1c010  // destination address is 0x1c01000
sw x14, 0(x13)
You can look at the register map here of the udma
and check the examples in the pulp-sdk
We don't have a memory to memory dma in pulpissimo though so I don't know what you are exactly trying. The udma is for copying between peripherals and (L2) memory.
useful information.Thank you sir

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