Memset in the disassembly section
I am trying to compile a simple code which has global arrays. I have initialized all the global arrays to make sure the compiler does not generate the code to initialize them to 0. However, I am still getting these "memset" calls in the _start section of the assembly.

Disassembly of section .text:

1c000000 <_start>:
1c000000:    00001197              auipc    gp,0x1
1c000004:    18018193              addi    gp,gp,384 # 1c001180 <__global_pointer$>
1c000008:    00001517              auipc    a0,0x1
1c00000c:    95850513              addi    a0,a0,-1704 # 1c000960 <__FRAME_END__>
1c000010:    00001617              auipc    a2,0x1
1c000014:    97060613              addi    a2,a2,-1680 # 1c000980 <completed.1>
1c000018:    40a60633              sub    a2,a2,a0
1c00001c:    00000593              li    a1,0
1c000020:    1a8000ef              jal    ra,1c0001c8 <memset>
1c000024:    00000517              auipc    a0,0x0
The program is not return to start section after executing till 1C0001f8

1c0001c8 <memset>:
1c0001c8:    00f00313              li    t1,15
1c0001cc:    00050713              mv    a4,a0
1c0001d0:    02c37e63              bgeu    t1,a2,1c00020c <memset+0x44>
1c0001d4:    00f77793              andi    a5,a4,15
1c0001d8:    0a079063              bnez    a5,1c000278 <memset+0xb0>
1c0001dc:    08059263              bnez    a1,1c000260 <memset+0x98>
1c0001e0:    ff067693              andi    a3,a2,-16
1c0001e4:    00f67613              andi    a2,a2,15
1c0001e8:    00e686b3              add    a3,a3,a4
1c0001ec:    00b72023              sw    a1,0(a4)
1c0001f0:    00b72223              sw    a1,4(a4)
1c0001f4:    00b72423              sw    a1,8(a4)
1c0001f8:    00b72623              sw    a1,12(a4)
1c0001fc:    01070713              addi    a4,a4,16
1c000200:    fed766e3              bltu    a4,a3,1c0001ec <memset+0x24>
1c000204:    00061463              bnez    a2,1c00020c <memset+0x44>

What should I do to load complete hex file to my verilator model? how can I get rid of this memset? I tried with
PHP Code:
in my gcc, but not solved my issue. Currently using riscv gnu toolchain 10.1.0.

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