power efficient risc-v core
I read this interesting article- I do not know if this is an Ariane-like linux-capable core, but I am much more fascinated at its power efficiency at 1Ghz (or lower) than its 5ghz capabilities. 


"Micro Magic details its 1GHz RISC-V processor core that consumes just 10mW when operated in the voltage-threshold region at 350mV.

Micro Magic in Sunnyvale, California, has already claimed that its RISC-V processor design was the fastest, but in an interview with eeNews Europe Mark Santoro, CEO of Micro Magic, said the processor core had also been designed so that it can operate down to at least 350mV, near the threshold voltage of the manufacturing process. "

"...However, the company has declined to say what manufacturing process or foundry manufacturer has been used. The company has said the design uses a FinFET process and that it examined physical design kits (PDKs) from three leading foundries seeking the broadest compatability before selecting one for manufacturing.

The process is likely to be somewhere between 20nm and 10nm and from one of Globalfoundries, Samsung, SMIC and TSMC."

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