Compiling for RISCY without FP?
I successfully got Pulpissimo with RISCY working on the Digilent ARTY-A7-100T board, running the "Hello" example using the pulp-SDK. Yeeey! Smile

I configured RISCY to not use a floating point unit, by setting:
localparam USE_FPU  = 0;

in xilinx_pulpissimo.v.

However, the gcc commands of the "Hello" example, following "make clean all", contain:

... -march=rv32imfcxpulpv2 -mfdiv ...

So the questions are: 
  • Does this mean floating point instructions are potentially still being generated?
  • If so, how do I make the toolchain aware that RISCY was configured without FP unit? Huh

Additional info: the toolchain was setup using the instructions at


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