Pulpissimo with IBEX Core Error
    I want to use the IBEX core with pulpissimo. I was able to run Hello World example with default ri5cy core. I changed the following files by making CORE_TYPE as 1 to get the ibex core configured.
  • ./pulpissimo/rtl/pulpissimo/pulpissimo.sv
  • ./pulpissimo/rtl/pulpissimo/soc_domain.sv
  • ./pulpissimo/rtl/tb/tb_pulp.sv
  • ./pulpissimo/pulp_soc/rtl/fc/fc_subsystem.sv
  • ./pulpissimo/ips/pulp_soc/rtl/pulp_soc/pulp_soc.sv
  • ./pulpissimo/install/tb_pulp.sv
once the change was done i cleaned the pulpissimo libs with make clean and did make build

i also cleaned the pulp-sdk with 'make clean' and did

export PULP_CURRENT_CONFIG=pulpissimo_ibex@config_file=chips/pulpissimo/pulpissimo_ibex.json
source configs/pulpissimo_ibex.sh
make build env # to rebuild the pulp-sdk with ibex configs
source sourceme.sh # to set path of newly built sdk with ibex core

when I run the hello world example I get an error from the ID stage of the IBEX Core pipeline like

# ** Error: [ASSERT FAILED] [tb_pulp.i_dut.soc_domain_i.pulp_soc_i.fc_subsystem_i.FC_CORE.lFC_CORE.id_stage_i.IbexIdInstrKnownKnownEnable] IbexIdInstrKnownKnownEnable (../ips/ibex/rtl/ibex_id_stage.sv:1008)
#    Time: 11300580292 ps Started: 11300580292 ps  Scope: tb_pulp.i_dut.soc_domain_i.pulp_soc_i.fc_subsystem_i.FC_CORE.lFC_CORE.id_stage_i.IbexIdInstrKnownKnownEnable File: /mypath/untouched/pulpissimo/sim/../ips/ibex/rtl/ibex_id_stage.sv Line: 1008
# ** Error: [ASSERT FAILED] [tb_pulp.i_dut.soc_domain_i.pulp_soc_i.fc_subsystem_i.FC_CORE.lFC_CORE.id_stage_i.IbexIdInstrALUKnownKnownEnable] IbexIdInstrALUKnownKnownEnable (../ips/ibex/rtl/ibex_id_stage.sv:1012)

I have built the pulp gnu toolchain with multilib 

can someone help me out here.

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