Using SPI Slave to read memory and register file
Hello everyone,

    I am working on implementing of PULPino on FPGA Artix-7 100t and I can I've been able to run some small programs about GPIO and UART etc. But now i am trying to find out a way to read the memory value as well as the register files. According to the datasheet, il tells me that i could use SPI slave to do this, but there is not any more description about it. Then i turn to the testbench in the folder /tb and try to figure out the protocol of SPI Slave. For example, I try to send the 8bits cmd 0x0B, then 32bits address 0x1A110404 and finally try to receive the value in register x1, but there is noting back. I also try to read the system verilog code about the SPI slave, but i could not find somting special.
    So has anyone used SPI slave successfully? Or has there some other ways to read the specific memory value and register files?

Thanks for your help. Big Grin Big Grin

I have solved it, just read well the code of testbench and you can find the correct protocol as well as the commands set. It should work well.


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