Role of gapy, list of peripherals and capabilities of gvsoc

getting acquainted with PULP platform these last few weeks - so, first of all, a big thank you and a bigger congratulations to all the creators and contributors.

I haven't had prior experience with tools such gvsoc, so I am bit troubled by trying to wrap my head around where are its limits, actually - hence this post. Please, any clarifications in this discussion would be of great help.

First of all, I've seen the videos from pulp training:
  1. Understanding and working with PULP
  2. GVSoC / Dory Tutorial
  3. A Deep Dive into HW/SW Development with PULP
and I've downloaded the VM and played a bit, followed along the steps demonstrated in the GVSoC/Dory video. All works great - I got the instructions dissasembled, saw the waveforms.

Now, I am getting confused with gapy... what is that, actually? It is mentioned, listed as a tool, but its purpose eludes me... I tried looking for other resources online, but I couldn't form a picture. At first, I though that's a python library that serves as a sort of a glue between the RTL pieces... at some point in the video, it is spoken about python generators... is that it?

In the next video (A deep dive...), I see that IP dependencies are treated using a tool called IPApprox, however - that was back then, while today this is the task of bender, if I am correct. However, where is this list of IPs? In the video, there's a subdirectory IPs of the pulpissimo repo, but I don't see it there:

Finally, this gvsoc - if I am getting the idea correctly, it is a cycle-accurate simulator, meaning that it can simulate execution of RISCV instructions on a PULP hardware and yield dissasembled instructions, signal waveforms and metrics, such CPI. However, is it a stone carved thing, in the sense that it can simulate only a predefined configuration of pulpissimo SoC? In other words, can it be changed without QuestaSim so that simulates execution of a PULP program on an SoC configuration with SPI and without UART, say?

I think I am pretty sure that, if I want to add novel, arbitrary RTL, then I must have QuestaSim. But if I want to play with pulpissimo SoC configuration (adding or removing some of the existing peripherals), can this be done without QuestaSim, just using gvsoc? It seemed to me that the part where (in the lecture GVSoC tutorial) it is shown how to run with and without cluster is the response to this, but - I didn't get how to exclude uart and then include spi, for example?


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